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Welcome to NUKLS






Our department aims at the cultivation of talents in basic science research and applied biotechnology to comply with the development trends of life sciences and the requirements of biotechnology industry in Southern Taiwan. The maintarget of our educationis to foster students to have following core abilities: 1) ability of observation, exploration and logical analysis, 2) professional knowledge in life sciences, 3) ability of research and data analysis, 4) ability of reading comprehension in professional scientific literature and oral presentation. All the abilities would provide studentshave excellent competitiveness for the development of their career in spite of act as entrepreneurship, employment or further study in the future.


The major research fields of our departmentare as following:


(1)Animal Science and Technology: pathogen detection and preventionof aquaculture and livestock, physiology offish development and reproduction, animal vaccine development, biopharmaceutical drugs design, ecological environment and sustainable use of biodiversity resources.


(2) Plant & Microbial Scienceand Technology: ornamental flower tissue culture, plant stress physiology, plant disease resistance mechanism research and application, development of medicinal plants and marine natural products, development of enzymesand antimicrobial active substances.


Further Graduate Study: Graduates may pursue further post-graduate studies in life sciences and biopharmaceuticals in Taiwan or abroad, or in Academia Sinica.


Career Opportunities: Graduates may work as R&D personnel or science administrators in academic and research institutions or in the industries and may also seek job opportunities related to: production and sale of medical, gardening, fishery and pasturage, or bio-tech products, etc.