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Undergraduate Program

Course Offering

■ Compulsory Courses

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

Introduction of Life Science

General Biology(1) (2)

General Biology Laboratory (1) (2)

General Chemistry (1) (2)

General Chemistry Laboratory (1) (2)

General Physics (1) (2)

Calculus (1)


Genetics Laboratory


Microbiology Laboratory

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Analytic Chemistry

Cell Biology

Plant Physiology*

Biochemistry (1)

Biochemistry (2)

Biochemistry Laboratory (1) (2)

Molecular Biology

Animal Physiology*

Seminar (1)(2)

*choose one from Plant Physiology and Animal Physiology

■ Elective Courses

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

Introduction of Biotechnology

Animal Histology

Animal Histology Laboratory


Comparative Anatomy

Scientific English

Introduction of Biochemistry

Applied Microbiology and Laboratory

Invertebrate Zoology and Laboratory

Plant Taxonomy and Laboratory

Botany Physiology Laboratory

Introduction of Bio-industry

Vertebrate Zoology

Introduction to Clinical Medicine

Introductory Biodiversity

Introduction of Ichthyology

Biological Activity of Natural Product

Law for Science and Technology

Animal Physiology Laboratory

Introduction to Virology

Plant Tissue Culture and Laboratory


Animal Tissue Culture and Laboratory


Comparative Endocrinology

Entomology and Practice

Natural Herbal Medicine


Photosynthesis and Laboratory

Medicinal Botany

Introduction of Molecular Biology

Microbial physiology

Scientific English

Aquaculture Virology

Technology Management

Introduction to Spectroscopy

Orchid Biotechnology and Lab.

Biological Systematics: Principles and Practices

Introduction to Biosynthetic

Pathways for Natural Products

Medicinal Plant Biotechnology and Lab

Bachelor Thesis

Special Research



Cell Cycle

Plant Molecular Biotechnology

Comparative Reproductive


Patent Law

Evolutionary Ecology

Introduction to Chinese

Traditional Medicine

Physiology, Production and Marketing of Tropical Flowers

Intellectual Property Law

Advanced Immunology

Apply Microbiology and Lab

Practice in Biostatistics

Applied Aquatic Zoology

Structure Elucidation for Natural Products

Introduction to Aquatic Environment Management and Aquatic Organism Production

■ Remarks:

► Minimum number of credits for graduation: 128