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Name Shuen-Fuh Lin
Education Ph.D., Biochemistry, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Specialty Microbiology, Enzymology, Biotechnology, Protein Chemistry
Office Room300, College of Science
Laboratory Microbial Biochemistry LaboratoryRoom 300, College of Science
Telphone 886-7-5919227 E-mail sflin@nuk.edu.tw
Professor& Chairman
Name Chun-Shun Wang
Education Ph.D., National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Specialty Animal Physiology, Fish Pathology, Virology, Molecular Biology, Aquaculture
Office Room603, College of Science
Laboratory Aquaculture Biotechnology Laboratory〈Room603-1, College of Science
Telphone 886-7-5919229 E-mail cswang@nuk.edu.tw
Name Chiu-Ming Wen
Education Ph.D., National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Specialty Animal Cell Culture, Invertebrate, Cell Biology, Glia Biology, Fish Pathology
Office Room605, College of Science
Laboratory Fish Glia Laboratory〈Room605-1, College of Science〉
Telphone 886-7-5919231 E-mail wenchiumin@nuk.edu.tw
Name Heng-Long Wang
Education Ph.D., Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Specialty Plant Biochemistry, Plant Physiology, plant Tissue Culture
Office Room604,College of Science

Plant Biochemistry Laboratory〈Room604-1, College of Science〉

Telphone 886-7-5919230 E-mail hlwang@nuk.edu.tw
Associate Professor
Name Yung-Sen Huang
Education Ph.D., University Paris VI Department of Physiology
Specialty Reproduction Endocrinology, Molecular Endocrinology, Physiology, Reproductive Physiology, France
Office Room502, College of Science

Endocrine and vascular Endothelial cell Physiology〈Room502-1, College of Science〉

Telphone 886-7-5919451 E-mail yshuang@nuk.edu.tw
Website www.pimpeneaucity.blogspot.com
Name Jen-Tsung Chen
Education Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Horticulture, National Taiwan University
Specialty Physiology, Plant Tissue Culture, Medicinal Plant Biotechnology, Orchid Biotechnology
Office Room501, College of Science

Plant Cell Physiology Laboratory〈Roon501-1, College of Science〉

Telphone 886-7-5919453 E-mail jentsung@nuk.edu.tw
Associate Professor 
Name Yu-Lin Kao
Education Ph.D., Colorado State University, USA 
Specialty Genetics, Signal Transduction, Cell Biology
Office Room606, College of Science

Cell Biology Laboratory〈Room300-1, College of Science〉

Telphone 886-7-5919447 E-mail yulinkao@nuk.edu.tw
Associate Professor 
Name Wen-Jen Yang
Education Ph.D.,Department of Biological Sciences, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan
Specialty Molecular Biology, Vaccinology, Phage Display Technolog, Gene regulation of Prokaryote
Office Room301, College of Science

Immunology and Molecular Vaccinology Laboratory〈Room300-1, College of Science〉

Telphone 886-7-5919454 E-mail wjyang@nuk.edu.tw
Associate Professor 
Name Shi-Yie Cheng
Education Ph.D., Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Specialty Organic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Chromatographic Applications
Office Room608, College of Science

Natural Products Research Laboratory〈Room501-1, College of Science〉

Telphone 886-7-5916693 E-mail shiyie@nuk.edu.tw
Associate Professor 
Name Chung-Chi Hwang
Education Ph.D., Department of Life sciences, King's College London, UK
Specialty Ecology, Evolution, Taxnonmy
Office Room602, College of Science

Ecology and Evolution Laboratory〈Room602-1, College of Science〉

Telphone 886-7-5916695 E-mail cchwang@nuk.edu.tw
Assistant Professor 
Name Neng-Lang Shih
Education Ph.D., Institute of Toxicology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Specialty Cardiology, Toxicology, Animal Disease Model, Molecular Biology
Office Room609, College of Science

Cardiovascular Biology Laboratory〈Room609-1, College of Science〉

Telphone 886-7-5919448 E-mail shihnl@nuk.edu.tw
Assistant Professor 
Name Meng-Jei Ge
Education Ph.D., Academia Sinca institute of Biomedical Science, Taiwan

Plant response, Gene regulation of Prokaryote, Molecular Disease Model, Plant Molecular Biology, Protein purification and Dynamics Anazlyze

Office Room607, College of Science

Planet Molecular Disease Laboratory〈Room506-1, College of Science〉

Telphone 886-7-5919450 E-mail mangjye@nuk.edu.tw
Assistant Professor 
Name Shiao-Wen Li
Education Ph.D., Institute of Biomedical Informatics, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Specialty Specialty Microbiome, Next Generation Sequencing, Bioinformatics, Multiomics
Office Room328, College of Science
Laboratory Biomedical Informatics Laboratory (Room326, College of Science)
Telphone   E-mail swli67@nuk.edu.tw